Oct 11, 2007

The sock abduction

I grab all the laundry from my basket..its whites today and miracle of miracles, all my socks have their buddies.

I shove as many items as will fit in the washer..they get clean enough.

I pour a large amount of detergent into the heap.. a lot more than called for, but what the heck, I'm feeling good today.

I turn it on and sit around, dutifully waiting until they are finished...actually, in reality I take off and do a little shopping, accidentally forgetting them until the next day.

I take out the "freshly" laundered clothes and throw them casually into the dryer..adding two dryer sheets, since you can never have enough " blue sparkle" scent emanating from your duds.

I remember to take them out and fold them up, four hours later...right when I was headed for bed.

I start to fold, socks first...one pair, two pairs, three pairs, four pairs, five pairs, six.....wait.

I dig through the pile..searching.

I cannot find the last sock..where is it?

I had them all when I started......but now its missing.

I stand up and head for the laundry room.....perhaps it has fallen out somewhere in transit.

I scour the room...no luck, but I did find that missing diaper that has been plaguing us with its stench for the last week. Sick......

I stand in the center of the room, scratching my head...futilely wishing it would come to me through ESP.

I wonder..ESP? Doesn't that have something to do with aliens?

Aliens? Aha! I knew it, it was them!....I loose more socks that way.

Maybe they had cold feet.


What do you call a spaceship with a faulty air-conditioning unit?
A frying saucer

Why are aliens messy tea-drinkers?
With flying saucers, it's hard not to spill it
Where do Martians get their eggs?
From the little green hen
What are aliens' favourite sweets?

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  1. I had to LOL. I have a canvas bag of what I call Widows and Orphans (socks missing their partner).

    Every now and again I do a match-up attempt and I guess my success rate is better than the personal ads and worse than e-Harmony. ;)

    Using My Words


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