Oct 23, 2007

No, I haven't been kidnapped, but thanks for caring!

Imagine, if you will, a seven hour car ride. Now, add two screaming babies. Now add one whining dog. Now add one cranky, tired husband. Now add me. Fun huh?

Well, that was my weekend. But only a small portion of it.

We drove up to CoeurdAlene for the last part of the week. The driving part wasn't so hot, but the rest of it was great. We got to hang out with our families and just relax for a while, something I couldn't quite remember how to do!

The Man and I also celebrated our fifth year anniversary on Friday and I bet you can't guess what we did. Seriously, take a stab at it........................Nope, your way off!

Nathan went out and killed me a deer. Happy anniversary honey! And then I got to watch while he butchered it and cut it up into steaks and roasts and such and then he handed me the pieces to vacuum pack. Whoo hoo! See, finally, after five years I got to do something extra special! ;-)

In all actuality I'm glad he got to go out hunting and get something. He loves to do it and I pretty much bribed him into it anyway.( thats how I got up to Cda!) I also like deer meat, so it all works out! He did take me to a little place around here called Cotton Wood Grille the week before and he spent massive amounts of money on me, so I'm really just giving him a hard time! He loves me and spoils me ( sometimes...) and these last five years have just drug...I mean flown by! ;-)

As far as blogging goes, I have been a complete slacker. But, in my defense, Nathans parents have dial up on their computer and the pages load at about five minutes each. So, its not really conducive for long sit down sessions! But, I'm back now and I'll never leave you again!

Last thing, I'll give really big props and a huge high five to anyone who can name the movie from which this rap comes from:

My name is Batty
My logic is erratic
Potato in a jacket
Toys in the attic
I rock and I ramble
My brain is scrambled
I rap like an animal
but, I'm a mammal.

I have been watching this movie many numerous time a day for the last three days, Nathans mom bought it for The Boy and its his new favorite! Prior to this, I hadn't see it in oh..... ten or more years! Can anyone guess?

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