Oct 3, 2007

Ashleigh's life as a chapter book...

The scene of this story begins with our heroine Ashleigh and her two beautiful kids standing in line to check out at Walmart. They have been standing there a very, very long time when...............

Ashleigh: * to herself* " Oh, look over there..its The Jungle Book out on DVD. It must be an an anniversary edition. Cool, The Boy hasn't seen that one yet!" She grabs one off of the shelf and is looking it over when her very observant son turns to her and points.

Little Boy: " look over there at that movie mom! It has a bear and a tiger! Can I get that movie for me?"

Ashleigh smiles to herself, proud because she has been so perceptive in knowing what her son would like. She hands the one she is holding over to Little Boy and says...

Ashleigh: " This movie, right here?"

Little Boy: * huge grin on his face* " Yes! Are you going to get it for me?"

Ashleigh: " I think that would be alright."

Little Boy: " Thanks mom!"

Ashleigh is feeling pretty good right about now. Her kids have just endured an hour long shopping trip, buying many more numerous things than were on the original list, and they were actually pretty good throughout the whole endeavor. Only a few screams and maybe one or two complete meltdowns. Of course..there was that incident with the umbrellas, but that was Ashleigh's own fault..so she doesn't count it. She figures that a little reward is in order and a new show to watch is much better than a hunk of sugary death! ( not that she normally bribes her kids to be good...no not her..never..)

As Ashleigh begins to put her groceries up on the check stand, Little Boy stands up in the cart gives her a kiss on the cheek and hugs her tight. ( obvious he is elated by his new gift!) Ashleigh kisses him back and says how much she loves him. Then the following words proceed from his mouth:

Little Boy: " I love you too mom. I love you since you gave me this new movie!"

Ashleigh: "Since I gave you the movie? You love me even if I don't buy you stuff... right?"

Little Boy: " yeah...but I REALLY love you for buying me this movie!"

Ashleigh:" well...as long as you love me I guess. That's all that matters"

Ashleigh's new found confidence in her decision to reward her children for good deeds has now been totally decimated.

Thus ends this chapter of our story of one woman, desperate to keep her children from forcing her into a life of a recluse. -

How will it all end? Will she ever find a way to keep her children somewhat disciplined while in public? Is there a way for her to remain sane and be a mother at the same time?

Stayed tuned to find out!

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