Nov 9, 2007


I am so happy its Friday, though I have no idea why I look forward to the weekend. Its not like I'm off of work or I don't have to do the millions of things I normally have to! But in honor of this day I am going to cheat at blogging and participate in Friday Fill In hosted by Fond Of Snape!

1. Plans and schedules are direly needed around this house!

2. I'm happy when things are crazy and I'm having fun being me. ( i.e. Girls night out!)

3. The last thing I drank was a huge thing of water before I went to bed last night. Winter totally dries me out man!

4. One of the most valuable things in my life is my children and my picture albums oh and my Husband! ( not necessarily in that order....) ;-)

5. I like lots of cheese and nothing else on my pizza

6. Dear November, Please fly by quickly and be kind to me when Thanksgiving arrives. I would like to be sane afterward, but seeing as how this will be my first Thanksgiving at my own house and I am making dinner for lots of people, I don't for see anything but the nut house in my future......

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to staying home cuz we're dead broke, tomorrow my plans include, cleaning out the filthy car that has suddenly developed a strange smell, and Sunday I want to sleep all day because being prego makes you a sloth.

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  1. Staying home can be fun...oh wait, you're already preggers ;-)

    Thanks for playing and have a great weekend!


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