Nov 1, 2007

The ever elusive blog post

So, this month has been a crazy one. (OK, technically it was last month) We were out of town every weekend! Needless to say, blogging has come last on a very long list of things to get done! Not that I don't love you guys......;-)

The rest of this year will be a lot calmer, we will be staying home for thanksgiving, and probably Christmas as well. Which kind of sucks. Its hard to grow up and away from your family. I'm a home body and I love hanging out with my parents and siblings. I have a hard time spending big holidays with just my husband and kids. It feels a little lonely sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I love them all and love to spend time with them. Its just different.

Any who, hopefully I can get back into the habit of writing something everyday.

Does anyone else ever have to scratch their brains to come up with something interesting and funny to blog about? Ya know, so no one is yawning by the time they are done reading it? My life isn't that interesting people! But I do like to write, so I do it anyway!

I am now trying to type one handed because Little Girl is tired and wants her mommy's lap, and her mommy's hair. She's a hair girl, it soothes her to run her fingers through it. Not her own, mind you, but mine! :-)

My hand is cramping up so I gotsta jet. More to come tomorrow! ( and a really big surprise!) So come on back and check it out!


  1. I'll read anything you post!!! So are we getting pictures ;)!

  2. "Does anyone else ever have to scratch their brains to come up with something interesting and funny to blog about?"
    YES! And that's the reason I have not started a blog. Too much pressure. I have a lot to say and a bunch of people who would probably find what I write to be interesting but I feel like I wouldn't be interesting enough on a daily basis. I'm still considering starting my own. But this is not the time because like you, I'm a one-handed typist for the moment as a mother to a 5-week old.

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  3. when is the baby due?! ;-) Miss you and I love your BLOG! Keep it up!


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