May 14, 2008

Get your hair did...

Soooo, this week my good friends little sister was in town. She is in hair school and so stinkin' cute! I decided that I definitely needed a change. ( it may have been my hormones talking..) My hair was really sad. I had at least three inches of grow out from my last highlighting and it was so limp and sorta mushroom head-ish. I went over to her house and she made me look beautiful again! Here are some before and afters:

It wouldn't stay out of my face! And it did this rounded curved under on the top thing and then flipped out at the bottom!

Now we have chunky blonde highlights, dark brown low lights and the underneath in the back is a really dark brown with a hint of red. I got some more layers, which helped eliminate the mushroom effect and just a hint of bang. So cute!!

Thanks Nissy!


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