Sep 23, 2008

pee = tea

My daughter is the most stubborn little girl that I think has ever been created. I'm sure most mothers with little girls probably say the same about their own, but these last few months my child takes the cake. 

Potty training. In our house,  it has become a four letter word. Little girl has REFUSED to do it. She would pee every now and then for treats, but soon discovered she could go a little, hold the rest in, get a treat and then go a little again, hold the rest in and get another treat. (Sometimes she is too smart for her own good.) We soon got rid of treats and tried bribing her with toys. We went to the dollar store and bought anything she picked out. We told her every time she pooped on the potty, she would get one. She was really excited about it, for about ten minutes. After that, she couldn't have cared less. No matter how much I coaxed and showed off the prizes, she would say, " no I don't want it" or " no, I don't need to."  So we gave up for a while. I knew that we were moving soon and a big disruption like that would probably mess everything up anyway. So we moved here and tried again. No dice. 

We soon discovered it was a control thing. She couldn't control anything else in her life but when an where she went the bathroom! ;-) She had all the signs of being ready. She knew when she had to go, we would watch her all of the sudden stop what she was doing, quietly leave for another room and a few minutes later come back smelling a whole lot worse than when she left. She would never tell us if she did and if you know the craziness of a three child household you know that I can't always find the time too sniff her butt to see if something is amiss! I finally in desperation told her that if she would just go poop on the potty I would buy her anything in the whole world that she ever has wanted. She decided a tea set and a party would be quite right, thank you very much.

Which brings us to this week. One afternoon my friend brought Little girl back from playing at their house and said she thought Little girl might be trying to poop but was having a hard time with it. I didn't think much of it until a few minutes later she started crying and grabbing at her diaper. I thought it may be the beginnings of a diaper rash ( she gets those a lot!) but couldn't see any of the signs of one. I shrugged it off until later that night when she started  bloodcurdling screaming and freaking out. It continued on all night. Every now and then she would scream and shake and cry and we couldn't figure it out. I was crying right along with her. We decided to take her to the quick care and found out she had a urinary tract infection . Did you know you can get those at 2 years old? Well,  I guess you can. Poor girl. 

Since then ( and after long repeated talks about how she wouldn't get rashes and infections if she would just go on the toilet..talks we have had for about half a year now) she has decided on her own that it might be better for us all if she started going on the potty! HOORAY!!!!

She has really picked it up and been doing so good. Yesterday she pooped twice ( which brought whoops and hollers of joy from The Man and I) and this morning we were off to the store to pick out her perfect tea set!  She is so in love with it and we have had a few parties together already today, with apple juice of course! 

I know this post might seem a little gross, but I had to put it up. I am just so happy! :-)

( yea, a good smile!!)


  1. Congratulations Ashleigh! That is so awesome and I am super jealous! Riley uses the potty sometimes but only when I make her sit there. Someday...
    I know it's a lot easier when the kid decides they are ready. I look so forward to that day!

  2. Yay for you guys! It is ALWAYS a wonderful thing when they start going on the toilet!! Now for teaching the Spencer! :)

  3. YAY!!!!! Okay could you have her come show Christian how it is done please. He freaks out everytime I start talking about it. I take the diapers away and he holds it for hours. Soon as I want to go some where I put a diaper on hims so he doesn't people all over the car and store. As soon as the diaper is on he goes. Or as soon the underwear is on he pees too. Blasted potty training!

  4. I am so happy for you my dear!! It's so nice to see pictures of the babes!! They are getting so big and are more cute than ever.

  5. YaY!!!!! Great job to mom and girl!

  6. Woot Woot! I bet it'll be so nice to only have one in dipers! Plus, you always have a cheering section when you yourself use any kind of public restroom with child in tow :P.


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