Sep 12, 2008

ok, I love my imac..but I have no idea how to use it!

I want to post pics...but I don't know where to insert my memory card! ;-) Ha Ha. I will just have to ask The Man when he gets back.

Anyway, did I mention how much I LOVE being closer to home? Just this very afternoon we are taking a trip to cda. And how long is it going to take us? One hour and fifteen minutes. How long did it take us before? Seven hours or more depending on how many times Little Girl puked.
Oh heaven to be able to make a trip without vomit! And how cool is it that we can just take them spur of the moment?

Actually it isn't really spur of the moment, I am going home to pick up my NEW sewing machine! Technically it isn't "new. Its actually almost 30 years old.  ( hee hee hee) But its new to me. I found it on craigslist ( love that guys list!) and its a Sears Kenmore that was made in the early eighties. The guy told me that it had been in storage since 1988. Can you believe it?  just hangin out down in his basement. His wife died when his kids were about 10 he said and she had only used it once to make a set of curtains! His granddaughter had wanted to use it so they took it out of the basement, got it fully serviced and then she changed her mind. So I found it and bought it. Wanna know for how much?

40 bucks

And it comes with a whole book on sewing ( which I seriously need) My mother in law has one almost identical to it, and I have sewn on hers a million times before so I should be able to figure this one out. The only drawback is that it weighs a ton!! But that just means its sturdy right? I mean it has lasted for 28 years already......I can' wait to get started on all the projects I have had in mind forever!

wanna check it out? click here--> yea for my sewing machine!!


  1. That is close to what my moms looks like. I'm excited for you.

    Even better though is the 1.5 hr drive. That is glorious. And well vomit filled cars suck. So enjoy it!

  2. dude, old sewing machines rock. i have my moms first sewing machine that she got in 1971. and it works so awesome. i am glad you got an awesome deal. how are things going up there for you?

  3. My MIL gave me hers from the 50's. The thing is indestructible. LOL It is almost a twin of Mom's--do you remember ever seeing Mom's sewing machine?

    Have fun sewing!

  4. Oh I love sewing machines. The heavier the better, I say. Then they don't shift on you while you are sewing something heavy... like big drapes or something. Also heavier machines tend to sew straighter lines. Enjoy lady bug!!


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