Sep 16, 2008

Oh so cute

So I changed my blog up a bit..whadya think.?A little more mature and a whole lot less vain! That huge picture of me in the header was just a little too much. ;-) Check out the link to Leelous blog designs on the cute!  She has a ton of free ones and they are all really stylish and chic! ( and so easy to install..unlike the last time I changed my blog and it erased everything!!) Anyway, thanks Heather for inadvertently  leading me to Leelou, your page is so cute! 

And I have a ton of pics I need to post so I will get those up. Lyla is huge! ( and super chunky..) Seth started school and soccer and Eden never wants to smile..she just gives me a scrunched up, grimace face! Its funny! 

Stay tuned.


  1. I can't wait for pictures!! I want to see chunky cute and adorable Lyla!! BTW, if for some reason we decide to move to Boise, do you have suggestions on where to live, etc? ;)

  2. No problem! I absolutely love her layouts! And I do love your new layout. Way cute! Can't wait for the pics!

  3. So, I guess you got your camera??? I hope!! Let me know.


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