Sep 25, 2008

Heaven is a posturepedic

Imagine, if you will, moving many, many times. Now envision in your mind spending hours and hours unpacking boxes, putting stuff away and dealing with three young children all at the same time.  

Now think about the end of this long day, how tired are you? How utterly exhausted?  What more do you want to do than just lay down and go to sleep? And what would you like to lay down upon? What vessel would you choose to take your spent self in to happy, happy dreamland? Would, in any of your wild imaginings, you choose an air mattress?


Why ever not?

Because they are hard, cold, squeaky, very low to the ground and downright uncomfortable!

This, my friends, is what I have had to deal with every time we have moved since April of 2005.
We sold our bed (and pretty much everything else we owned) and moved to good old Alaska. After that its been air mattress city for at least the first month or so of living in a new place.

We've never bought a new bed, its always been borrowed. Weird did you say? Yes, but if you knew my husband then you would know that he could care less what he sleeps on, as long as it was cheap! ;-) Technically the air mattress we have been sleeping on was borrowed as well, so he has been quite happy. Until now. 

These past few weeks have been bad for both of us. Back pain, neck pain, general all around grumpiness. All because of a bed made out of air. 

I have a bad back anyway, its been that way since I can remember, so for me to sleep on such a thing was killing me! I convinced him we needed a real bed and we needed a nice one! One with support, one with bouncy coils, one that was soft!  So we started looking around. Now when I say looking around, I don't mean at a furniture store. Remember, my man likes a deal. So we searched Craig's list, garage sales, good will, pretty much anywhere that wouldn't be expensive. We looked forever! 


One day The Mans mom called us up asking if we would be interested in a certain bed she had found at a garage sale. It was a queen sized, double pillow top, Sealy Posturepedic mattress with matching box spring. They had claimed it was two yeas old, that it only spent its time in the guest room, that it cost them a thousand dollars and that they flipped it every six months, religiously. They would take 225 for it. 


We were a little nervous at first, buying a used bed. You know..germs..ew. But it is so pretty, it doesn't even look like anyone has ever slept on it. It came in its original box even! We vacuumed and disinfected it and my friends it is seriously like laying on a cloud! It even inspired me to buy all new comfy, supportive pillows. (and cases and shams and sheets and a comforter, I know Im spoiled.) But,  I'm actually dreaming again, which means I'm getting that good deep sleep that has eluded me for so long! No pains, no tossing around, nothing at all really. I fall asleep and I don't wake up again until morning! ( well, at least until baby girl decides to wake up!)  It truly is heaven!  Not to mention the bonus of having a cute bed in my room again, one that I actually own! Hooray!

So here you go, pictures of my bed, because I am so in love with it!



  1. Nathan makes me laugh.

    And I'm seriously so freaking happy for you!

  2. Yea!!! A bed to love. There is nothing like getting a great night's sleep!!

  3. Yay!! So happy that you are sleeping well! We love our double pillow top bed and don't want to part with it.....unless we buy a california king!! :0) We'll see when that happens!

  4. LOL...we got a pillow top (at my insistence...your uncle can sleep on a cement floor) and then put two (2!) egg crates on top of that.

    My do not know heaven quite yet. ;D

    Enjoy your sleep!


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