Mar 28, 2010

Sunday realizations

I just realized something......

Today was the Sunday before Easter

Next Sunday is Easter...and conference, therefore:

We will have NO church next week and today I totally ruined the one chance I had to dress my kids up in their matchy-matchy super cute easter duds, take them to sacrament and completely objectify them for everyones viewing pleasure and my vanity.

What a gyp.... :)

*I would have been so cute in my fluffy little dress mommy! You picked it out just for me!*


  1. oh I think you can totally get away with dressing them up the week after! then they will all be on SALE too :) win win. haha are you going to CDa for easter?

  2. I didn't dress my kids up either!! I'll just have to do it the week after. I love the picture of baby girly though!! What a little character!!


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