Mar 6, 2010

What the?!

A while ago I was thinking about how behind The Boy is from the rest of his class mates. Not that he is behind mentally..are you kidding, that boy is smart! No, he was behind somewhat tooth-ily. ( no, its not a word...but I don't care! The Man constantly makes fun of me for making up words that I swear really exist!) :)

All of The Boys friends were losing their teeth, walking around with beautiful gaps and gorgeous empty spaces. What was up? Seriously!

I was beginning to get worried until one day a few weeks ago The Boy came home from school and excitedly told me that he had a front bottom tooth that was loose! I couldn't believe it! I it was like the tooth fairy had read my mind and decided to ease my crazy obsession! So I immediately pulled him over and had him open his mouth, only to be shocked an appalled at what I saw:

yes, people...thats right..its an adult tooth, sneaking in behind that loose baby one.  I could not believe it!
I didn't even know they could grow in before you lost the little one!

He has been working that loose tooth for a while now, and since this picture was taken, his other front baby tooth has become loose and yet ANOTHER adult tooth has grown in behind it! Plus, his six year old molars are coming in in the back on the top. I also had no idea that six year old molars existed! ( obviously I am really into the fact that The Man in going to be a dentist, I have done nooooooo research...) So when you look into his mouth he has FOUR teeth right in the front. Let me tell you..its pretty creepy! So instead of losing any teeth, he is just gaining them at a rapid rate! darn..

The dentist said they will most likely have to be pulled. So sad..all that excitement on my end for The Boy to have a little whistle when he says his "S's" was for nothing! No beautiful holes or gorgeous gaps for this boy. At least for now... *sigh* someday....


  1. that is seriously crazy, but not unheard of...our body's are crazy, aren't they? Good thing The Man is going to be a'll help later on down the road! ;)
    P.S. Livi hasn't lost any teeth either!

  2. YIKES! Good thing that Nate is going to be a dentist

  3. Hey! That EXACT same thing happened to Kaylie a few months ago and I freaked out a little too. I was all "What she's going to have ROWS of teeth? Like backseat canines?? Weird!" Just to give you some hope though, it took longer than normal...about 4 weeks or so, but then Kaylie's tooth finally got loose enough to fall out. I guess the adult tooth slowly moves forward until it takes the place of the baby one in front and pushes it out. Just wait a bit and I bet the same thing will happen to Nathan. :)

  4. Oh my gosh I mean SETH. Embarassing!

  5. Instead of Gorgeous gaps, you'll get HUGE, TOO BIG FOR MY MOUTH and HEAD teeth. Once those big boys come in, out goes that cute little boy look (you so love to look at) and they turn into some kind of pre-adolescent gawky (almost hard to look at... sometimes) boys.
    Don't worry, just as soon as you think they are starting to grow into their teeth, hair appears on the chin, their voices crack, their arms seem too long, and you can't seem to keep up with the letting down on the hem of their church pants.
    Enjoy all the moments, even the strange shark like teeth moments. Because before you know it your cute sweet son will be shaving, driving, asking girls out on dates and getting ready to put in his mission papers.
    Take it from a mother of a very handsome young man who has the pictures to prove what I am saying is true :D
    Love, mom


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