Feb 25, 2010

The "grass sled"

( sorry this post went all weird..I can't figure out how to fix it! dumb blogger....) :)

A while ago is was warm enough to head outside to play. It had snowed a few days before, enough to sled on the hill in the back yard but it didn't last long and the kids were pretty bummed. Then The Boy discovered he could still make that sled go down the hill without the snow if he used enough force from running and jumping into it head first. It was pretty amusing to see his concentration and determination, and his body as it flew through the air and landed hard on the plastic. I swear I though he was going to whack his face every time! The sled would only make it about halfway down before it stopped and he would have to sit up an scooch it inch by inch until it landed at the bottom. 

Soon enough Baby Girl thought that looked pretty fun and wanted in on the action. The Boy happily obliged her and for your own future reference and personal enjoyment here is the "grass sled" tutorial:

Step one: Try really hard to toddle up that big hill while still looking cute

Step Two: Carefully step into the sled

Step Three: Find the perfect spot

Step Four: Get situated until comfy

Step Five: Hold on for dear life!

 Step Six: laugh a lot when you get to the bottom

Step Seven: Convince your brother to pull you back up the hill so you can do it a thousand more times!

And when he is too tired to continue, figure out the sled is great for your own personal tummy slide:

I cannot wait until summer!


  1. That is just precious! I love her tutu :) You made it didn't you?

  2. Oh the things we try to do to entertain ourselves in the boring winter time. Lyla is so adorable!

  3. She is seriously the cutest little girl!! I'm so ready for summer too but I can't complain to much, this winter has been WAY better than the last two!!

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