Mar 24, 2010

Spring Break

We spent the week of spring break up in Cda. (only cool people know what that stands for!) I did bring my camera, however...I never seem to have the right timing with it. I bring it out when NOTHING is happening and then forget to take it when we go anywhere cool. Oh well. :) I did manage to take a few shots of my mommy's house when I was there. My mom is AWESOME at design and her style is rustic mixed with a little modern. She loves old things and has had some of the same pieces since before I was born. Unfortunately I only managed to get a few shots of only two rooms before I had to leave, but someday I will get the whole thing...she really is amazing with the things she does. I love her!


  1. I love the pictures you took of my house (they look better than I remembered, ha), I love the post you wrote, thankyou, but most of all, I love you.

  2. oh, I want to visit your moms house!! It does look like it's full of treasures, especially the red dresser. I love it!!

  3. I just kind of glanced over the pictures before I actually read the blog about what they were and I thought "hey these look really familiar.... are these pictures I have seen before or what are they?" Hhaha, I felt stupid when I realized they were all of our mom and dads house.... Wow, I am so out of touch with things!


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