Apr 22, 2007

A new edition to the family!!

I hope you didn't think I was pregnant..because I'm not!!! I do however have a new baby! His name is Koda..and he's a 7wk old pomeranian puppy!!! (Sooooooooo cute) The Man and I have been contemplating a dog for a while now and we have been looking into all different kinds. Though, a 6-8 pound ( when he's all grown) toy dog wasn't really what Nathan was going for!! He had envisioned something bigger..and more of a retriever. He just went soft after we saw some Pomeranian puppys at the pet store and he decided they weren't so ugly after all! We didn't get Koda from the store though..800 bucks just wasn't in our price range. We found a lady online who was selling some and got him for 250,much better! He's almost potty trained,he goes outside really well and he sleeps in his kennel all night ( with only a few whines..) The kids adore him and so far he's been really good with them. Little Girl loves to give him his little toys and basically points, stares and says " doggy!" over and over. If he comes to close, or tries to lick her she says "no!!" Its pretty funny. Though she is like me and if he does lick her, she'll break out in hives! Other than that the kids, or myself for that matter, haven't had any alergic reactions. Normally I get all itchy and can't breath. But I have been holding him and cuddling and i'm fine!

Koda is only allowed in the kitchen and the back room for now..until he is fully potty trained we have to keep an eye on him. And, contradictory to some peoples opinions..he will NEVER be sleeping in my bed with me! (The Man's taking bets if you care to wager...) Here are some pics of the baby boy. They aren't the best since we took them with The man's camera phone..but you get the general cute factor idea! The Man has declared me officially spoiled.

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