Dec 28, 2006

Yea!! My video!! And the best brother ever!!

So, I have this incredibly awesome( but unfortunatly also incredibly long) video that I made for Nathan for Christmas..but the program used to make it is sooooo stupid!! dumb windows movie ones computer has it..and you can't email it in the windows movie maker format..because its just I have it saved in windows media player...which should play on most peoples computers...however..then the issue of its lenth comes into play. Hardly anyone has enough space in their email boxes to play it!! Come on people!! If you all got a gmail account..wich is free by the way..and can hold like 1 gig of memory..or whatever( I am soooo NOT computer lingo savy!!)I could email this video to all of you and we would have solved this delema forever ago!! But since you don't, My wonderful brother has so kindly re-formatted it and hosted it on his own blog page!!! Its pretty dang cool! Though, the original is a little smoother in the transitions, and a little clearer picture..and you can make it full screen (for those of you with bad eye sight..) all in all its really great on Jesh's page. So if you want to check it out click the jesh and brooke's blog link on my blog, and it will take you to their family blog page. (blog, blog, blog....) click the "featured video" option in the right hand corner and then click Nathan Christmas!! And it requires if you don't have you guys are sooo behind the can install it pretty easy!! Also, don't start it unless you have at least 15 mintues to contribute to watching it!! (I told you it was a long video!!) So this post is getting pretty long, but I just wanted to say thanks to Jesh for all the work he has done on this for me..He had to do a lot with helping me actually make the video first!! And then all hes done after!! I love you! And if any of you decide to actually get a BIGGER email account, let me know and I will email this over to you!!


  1. Lol, go Ash for helping the world become a better place, one email account at a time!

  2. Keep the video under 10 minutes next time and you can YouTube it.

    Thanks for the props. It's a labor of love.

    Yes, I love technology,
    But not as much as you, you see,
    But I still love technology...


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