Sep 3, 2009

Things I learned this summer

*Kids, husbands, households and online classes for mommies don't make for good blogging.

*School isn't as scary as I had always thought.

*Don't ever visit CoeurdAlene, Id. It sucks you in and you stay for two months straight.

*Housework fairies do NOT visit you while you are out of town. The Laundry refuses to wash and fold itself. The toilets do, however, seem to still get nasty somehow.

*Buying a summer long pool pass is only a good idea if you actually plan to live the summer in the town where the pass was bought.

*Little boys love slugs. In fact, they like to wear them as accessories, sometimes 10 at a time. These slugs can only be found at grandmas house, so we must visit often.

*who needs a pool pass when you have large sled and a few big totes. Fill em up and its hours of fun...for free!

*Living out of suitcases really sucks.

*We love our grandparents.

*Its always nice to come home.

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