May 7, 2009

Mothers Day Interview

Since its mothers day on Sunday I thought it would be funny to interview the kids and ask them a few questions about me, their mommy. (vain much?) ;-)

1. I really love it when:
TB: my mom hugs me
LG: my mom puts me to bed

2. My mom likes to:
TB: Play with me
LG: eat

3. Mom always tells me:
TB: I love you
LG: what to do

4. The best thing she does is: 
TB: kiss me
LG: put me down for a nap

5. It makes her happy when: 
TB: I hug her when she is sad or I say sorry when I make her mad.
LG: when I wake up

6. My mom loves to relax by: 
TB: getting a massage
LG: sitting on the couch

7. I like it when: 
TB: she cleans my room for me
LG: she puts on a movie for me

8. The best thing she cooks is:
TB: Mac N Cheese
LG: food

9. When my mom shops she likes to buy: 
TB: no sugar
LG: a costume

10. My moms favorite household chore is:
TB: to help somebody
LG: mop

11. My moms favorite tv show is:
TB: Biggest loser
LG: cartoons

12. If she could go on a trip, she would go to:
TB: Grandma and Grandpas house
LG: get costumes

13. I love my mom because:
TB: She buys me and cooks me just cheese pizza..and macaroni and cheese.
LG: I want a pineapple

I think The Boy was trying to butter me up and Little Girl was trying to tell me she was tired! It was so funny to watch them think really hard about their answers. I love these kids! 
Happy Mothers Day!


  1. I miss you when are you going to visit ID? Let me know so I can come see you.

  2. Oh my gosh!! That is so cute!! I laughed so hard at little girls answers. I could totally hear her saying those things.. hee hee.. Miss you!! New old number is...2082505293.. Had to change it...


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