Feb 23, 2007

dumb computers...

Why am I so computer illiterate? I can't figure out how to get my home movies onto You Tube to post them on here. Am I just dumb? Everytime I go to put the movies on my computer it brings up "windows movie maker!!" and you tube doesn't accept that format...grrr! So Angela how do you do it? let me know and then I can put some cute vids of the kids up!

Anyway, so this last weekend for Presidents day we went up to Coeurd A'lene. It was sooo much fun! Its nice to get away from normal life for a while. The Man and I actually got to go out on a date to a movie! I don't remember the last time we went out, just the two of us.
Going to Cda is always fun, but the drive is not. Its seven hours from here to there and I have a little girl who HATES being in the car for longer than ten minutes! The Boy Does awesome. He'll just play or look out the window or watch a movie. Eden on the other hand just screams! The way up wasn't bad because we went late and they slept almost half the time. But coming home was terrible. Eden kept crying no matter what I did, and then she puked all over everywhere! (And angela, it is sad when your kids puke and it doesn't really phase you anymore..you just clean it up and thats that. I used to almost puke myself whenever anyone else did. huh...funny how that changes..) I get really frustrated and cranky whenever we are in the car and The Girl acts up. Like, I am totally helpless to make it stop. She wont play or eat or anything! Except for baby Einstein!! Oh my goodness, if it wasn't for that show, I probably would be in jail for strangling my own child! (just kidding...) She watches Baby Einstein so good! So we played that show over and over and over..The Man and I got sick of it..but I wasn't turning it off for anything!
Now we are back and its nice to be home! Im excited for next weekend though. I get to head off to rexburg all by myself, without the kids, for mothers weekend with my mom and sis. Its going to be awesome! I hope The Man can handle it! We shall see!


  1. Yeah baby einstien has saved my children's lives more than a time or two. I'll talk to reed and email you instructions some time to upload movies. Its really about changing the way your computer recognizes and handles the files. Love ya! Oh Ty still asks about foxy brown.

  2. Happy Birthday Ashleigh! What are you now? 24? Hope you're having an absolutely wonderful day.

  3. All I have to say, is I feel your driving pain!! My parents live about 8-9 hours away...andn Spencer HATES IT! One time, he cried the WHOLE WAY HOME! I swore I wouldn't go back, but now that he is older, it seems to have gotten better--we'll see! :)


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