May 3, 2011

Thoughts on recent events

I figured I should mention a little bit about current events, since this is meant to be a journal of sorts. The last few days have been full of news reports of the death of a wanted terrorist, Osama bin Ladin, who was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers 10 years ago.  Last week, a group of Navy SEALS following intelligence given on the whereabouts of this man, entered a compound believed to be housing him. They saw him and shot him. After identifying that it was in fact the real Bin Ladin, they buried him in the sea, as per his religious burial rituals.

And the world rejoiced.

Im not sure how I feel about the whole thing. Part of me is glad he is is dead. The man who caused so much death and destruction. Yet, is it right to take joy in the death of anyone...regardless of how terrible a person they might have been?

I realize that this represents closure. After 10 years of waiting, wondering what might happen next, wondering who he was convincing to help perpetuate further violence, he is finally unable to reach us any more. Its a breath of relief, its an about time, its the supposed happy ending to the long nightmare.

I remember the night of that horrible day so long ago when, after we cried until we couldn't cry any more and President Bush came on to tell us that we would not let this defeat us, I was driving home from work and every flag I saw on every car and every home made my heart swell with pride for this great country that God had given to us. I felt horrified by the sheer magnitude of lives lost due to hatred of one man against another. I wondered how much worse it would get. I couldn't imagine the kind of heart you would have to have to plan and execute such an event. I still don't understand it to this day.

So why, when we find the man who did it and we kill him...does it feel so wrong to take to the streets in celebration? Are we not any better in killing another human than he was in all his killing? What would have been the better choice, the humane justice? Is there such a thing for such a man? Are we not told to turn the other forgive 7 times 70? Does it apply to a terrorist?

I just don't know.


  1. I get your Ash! Thanks for posting this...I have felt like going back and forth between happiness and not knowing how to feel.
    I will say this though. How does the 70x7 apply? Because the way I see it...with all of those that died on 9/11 and since..I think he has surpassed his allotment. Just sayin'... :)
    BTW, I am very cautious of how much I rejoice. I have lots of military friends...and if we go OVERBOARD (as many americans have)...are their lives in danger, even more? Makes me want to be very careful...

  2. Not sure if you really wanted an answer to your question or if it was rhetorical. Let me know if you want my two cents :)

  3. just stumbled on your blog. great insight friend. i will be back. thanks for blogging. makes life interesting. oh and love the music.

    ...and i'm a new follower!


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