Jan 8, 2015

We are alive!

Holy Cow! I was curious to check out my blog, since I knew I hadn't written in forever...but I wasn't sure exactly how long it had been.

2+ years!!

Thats crazy..and Crazy sad. All the things our family has been through during that time that I haven't documented. I hate that. 

So here I am, starting up again because it really is important to me to keep a record of what we are up to! 

Is anyone even out there? Is blogging even cool anymore? haha!

Since its the beginning of the year and we all know that means resolutions to do or be better, I hereby resolve to post at least once a week here on our family blog. If I can spend who knows how long posting and reading things on facebook, I can spend 10 minutes typing up a summary of our week! 

Here is a pic of our family we just recently took. We all look so much..ahem.. older..than we did two years ago. Obviously. :)

We have a lot of changes coming this year, Nate graduates, we are moving across the country, Seth starts Middle school (ahhh!) and so much more. So I definitely want to get everything written down!

Who thinks I can do it!? 


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