Dec 9, 2008

We had a doctors appointment yesterday. 

In my mind a few weeks ago, as I was on the phone with the nurse making the appointment, it made sense to get all three done with at the same time. In real life however, it turned out to be a rather big mistake. Two babies getting shots at the same time wasn't pretty! And a five year old boy is bound to assume that biohazard containers must be filled with exotic new candy not yet tasted by his ever sugar craving mouth. And if he could just climb on here and then scootch his way across here, he might just make it to taste it before mom busts him...WRONG!!! But all in all I was glad we went. I talked with him about the whole rice cereal incident and he was pretty sure it wasn't an allergy. ( although he also said vomiting wasn't a sign of an allergy. He definitely has never been around Little Girl when she has accidentally ingested peanuts, thats the first thing to happen, it all comes back up..all over the floor..) But I guess it took a lot longer for the rice cereal to re- appear, so he said 
it must have just been something her stomach didn't like. ( uh..duh..) He said she was old enough and big enough to start eating other things though. 

So last night I drove myself ( all alone..hallelujah!!) to the supermarket( who says that anymore?) and picked up some barley cereal, which is supposedly gentler on a babies tummy, and some various other containers of what used to be vegetables but are now colorful plastic boxes of slime. Before I put Infant girl to be we tried a little sweet potatoes. 

Her reaction? 

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Yea, she didn't like that too much! But, I would probably pull the same face if I had that stuff shoved into my mouth repeatedly against my will. It was so funny because she wouldn't swallow it, she would just sit there with her mouth hanging wide open until it mixed so completely with her drool that it all just slid right back out! I couldn't stop laughing!

We tried again today.. a little better. But she still doesn't quite know what to do with it! ;-)
Hopefully she'll learn to love it and we can all get a little more sleep around here. Waking up every two hours all night, every night is RIDICULOUS!!


  1. Doctors appointments are always rough. Just the keeping the kids from running amok and touching and licking all the germs and grossness. Ugh. Especially with shots too. Sounds like a fun day for you!! These pictures are adorable! It seems like starting baby food is such and ordeal. It always takes so long to feed them and is sooo messy. Hope she starts eating better for you!

  2. Sweetie she is so cute!!! I went to the movies the other night and thought of you because I saw the crazy photo booth.... HA HA!!

  3. Happy New Year! May the Lord bless you and yours for the coming year and far beyond!

  4. She is so cute and getting so big! Is her hair getting lighter? And her eyes are so big and blue! I haven't seen her since she was born :(


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