Jan 8, 2009

a note from the "break-ee"

My blog ebbs and flows. Some months I have a lot of time and a lot of things to say, other months my life is crazy and blogging comes last. I have restructured my blog at least once, and I have recommitted to blog more at least a dozen times.  Do we see a pattern emerging here? 

I am not very good at commitment. I have always been that way. Just ask most of the guys I used to date. Nothing serious please, and if it ever began to head that way, I would pretty much freak out, start acting all weird and mean and then they would break up with me. ( pathetic? ..yes) I wasn't very good at confrontation either, so I didn't want to be the " break-er" I would rather be the " break-ee" ( wierd?.. oh yes)  Even with The Man, its a miracle we ever got married. We broke up at least three times during our 8 month courtship and even the day of our marriage I felt like a witch all day!! I wanted to be mean to everyone! ( I wasn't of course, I held it all in like a good girl!)

So taking all that into consideration, I have amazed myself this year and committed to some pretty heft new years resolutions. They mostly have to do with weight loss, so that is a big motivator in and of itself. And I have a few others I have yet to write down, which I am told, repeatedly by my husband, is oh so helpful. Those are more to do with personal flaws and spiritual growth. It feels great to take on a big task and I have made little goals along the way to help bolster up my spirits as I work toward making my "big" ones come to fruition. 

Even with all the great feelings I have now and the fun little rewards I am planning on giving myself along the way, I can't help but have little tiny doubts about my ability to see it all through. I mean, we have all read  (to my embarrassment) about my commitment patterns,or lack thereof. How am I really going to do it? Here's an old blog post that sort of sums up how I normally feel about resolutions.

How do any of you do it? What are you tips and tricks for reaching your goals? Do any of you go to commitment anonymous? maybe I should start a group...

I have actually thought about starting a separate blog with my progress and support information, but then again..thats a big commitment....


  1. I love resolutions/ goals. For me the trick is to do small things that point me in the right direction. For example;
    -I want to be a fit and active person
    Train for and run a half marathon
    -I want to spend more quality time with my hubby
    Breakfast "date" each morning
    -I want to be a patient and effective mommy
    Speak more quietly when giving redirection/ discipline (so I don't holler) & use scripture to get to the heart of the issue (Telling mommy "NO!", "Children are to obey their parents......"/ My job is to lead you, your job is to follow, that's how God set it up. Now show me the way you obey :)

    Verbalize them, commit to another person, & track your progress.... if it's not happening, make it more doable.

    Good luck & always remember that through the ups and downs, you will grow!

  2. I don't really ever do resolutions..because I can't commit to them EITHER!! Anyway, I do have some goals in mind..but have a hard time following through. For instance, weight loss? I was 25lbs over my pre-Livi weight when I got pregnant with this little tyke. I guess we'll see how hard I want to lose it when I give birth..hopefully the willpower will be there! (For the record, I did lose about 15lbs before, but it didn't matter..they all came creeping back after I took the pregnancy test. Interesting how that happens!! ;)

  3. No need to start a new blog, Kyle and I already have! It's for friends and family wanting support and tips in their weight loss/healhty living goals for 2009! Everyone is a blog author and can post whenever they feel the need(or have a great tip or idea to share). Want to join? ;)


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