Jan 16, 2009

I got some new hair!

Oh man that feels good! I had about five inches of grow out on the top of my head since the last time I got it highlighted. It was getting pretty sad. Plus I had a perm that was just more frizz and poof, than curl and cute. So I went to the beauty supply store last night with Little Girl and got all the necessaries:

A perm to my straighten hair ( what? true..) ......check

A dark color hair dye with absolutely no *ash* in the name of it that will cover blonde ends...check

Rubber gloves and cape to cover body........nope, totally forgot

Go ahead and do it all anyway...check

End up looking like you just got done mud wrestling when its all over....double check.
(pictures to come soon.)

It was so funny to do this on my own. You should have seen the bathroom when I was done.It looked like someone had a little trouble keeping their you know what in the toilet. ( TMI? so sorry..);-)  And since I forgot my gloves, the ends of my fingers are permanently brown. I showed The Man afterward and told him I forgot gloves. He then ever so casually mentions that he had a pair of them in the closet. "What!" I said. "Rubber ones?!!" " Yea.." he replied  in a *DUH* tone. 

And why didn't he tell me? Well, because he didn't know I needed them and like he can read minds!.  As if I ever dreamed he would own a pair of rubber gloves that I didn't know about. 

All in all it was really fun though and I feel a whole lot sexier. Rawr!! It is pretty dark, but a lot of it will wash out over the next little while. I'm hoping the same goes for my poor dirty looking digits.

Of course The Boy wants to get in on the picture action. So vain..

Left side

Right side


And not a singe highlight in sight! For now anyway.


  1. SO PRETTY! I always love going dark..it does make me feel *sexier*!

  2. Hey you cool people. Well It has been so long. I googled both you and the zamoras to see if I can get into touch. Check out our blog at coryandanika.blogspot.com I will have to call nate about those incredible fish he is holding, because I a way jealous. I havent been fishing in over a year. So it sounds like nate took some big leaps, so did he quit his job or does he still have it. I quit mine at the hospital before it killed me. I live with my inlaws. So nice. Moved my family and took a new job as a school counselor working with kids most whos parents are divorcing or are getting bullyed. Keep in touch. Such a cute family Cory Price

  3. I can't believe you were able to straighten it yourself! Awesome job! One HOT mama!!

  4. Beautiful brunette! Looks great. Is that your real color? I've only seen you as a blonde. Good job!


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