Aug 17, 2010

How to be alone

I came across this video today on one of my favorite blogs. I think one of the reasons why I love this specific blog is because I feel if I wasn't who I am or if I hadn't come from where I did, she is probably a lot like who I would be. That might only make sense in my head and thats ok because Im sure a lot of you out there who read this blog probably don't really know much about me anyway and for those of you who do know me...well you still might not get me sometimes. Which is ok too.

A long time ago I started blogging to keep in contact with my family and to create a sort of journal for my thoughts and the things happening in my life. But long before the blogging world, I started writing.

 I liked to jot down the occasional story, but my real passion was for poetry. It became my escape from the world, the place I could be honest without judgement and where my feelings of love, hope, fear, sadness and all my teen angst could go to be safe. I would shut myself away in my room, press play on one of my favorite songs and let my creativity flow. I felt that when I was alone I could be free.

To this day I write when I am alone. I blog when no one is around, my best ideas come from the quiet or the feelings a song inspires within me and I rarely let anyone look at it.  Its funny to say, but I get embarrassed if I know that The Man has read something I have written, especially if its something of substance and importance to me. Its an emotional investment and I would hate to have someone not like what I had to say or think it was silly. (not that The Man has ever thought that...)

When I saw this video it spoke to me, connected with something inside that I had long since forgotten. (rarely do I get to be alone these days!) I love the words to this poem. They are so universal and inspiring. I think its good for everyone to have moments of being alone, to not fear it. We have all experienced loneliness at sometime or another and I believe its how we perceive our worth in these moments that truly shows us who we are.

Would you be brave enough to take yourself out to dinner or dancing alone?

Let us all work toward embracing who we are and learn confidence and peace in our moments of being alone.


  1. I think the only things I couldn't do by myself is go dancing and hiking. Hiking can be too scary to do alone. The world isn't safe enough.

  2. That's beautiful.... thanks for sharing. I know I often crave alone time, I think it's that 24 7 job of mommying that makes me crave it. I'm with you on needing alone and quiet to write too. :)

  3. I used to go to the movies all the time by myself and I loved it. I could do whatever I wanted and choose to either watch the movie or just sit and think and ponder in a dark and private place. Drives are nice to do alone too. Man, I love her voice! For some reason it just makes me want to listen to her!


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