Sep 1, 2010

First days

Today marked a pretty big milestone in The Boys life. (other than his 7th birthday of course!) It was his first day of first grade. He has been pretty nervous the last few weeks wondering if he was going to get lost or who would show him where to go.

"How do I know when to go to lunch? Who will get me from recess? I am going to be gone all day? But I will miss you!"

Like I said in my last post, our guy is pretty sensitive and the thought of being away from his mommy brought a few tears. But Monday night we went to meet your teacher night and after that he felt a lot better. It helped to see his classroom and the desk with his name on it. I think actually coming face to face with his teacher and seeing how nice she was went a long way to quell his fears.

By this morning he looked pretty excited, if not tired! Poor guy..its been a while since we have been up this early! I could tell he was still slightly nervous, but once we got to the school and he got to play on the playground with a few of his friends before the bell he looked pretty confident. :) He even mustered up the courage to raise his hand in line and tell the teacher he has some school supplies in his backpack! I was impressed.

I was surprised to see so few parents there for the first day. I was one of about five who were hanging around the playground waiting for the kids to line up to go in. While I was sitting on the bench taking pictures of The Boy and his sisters running around, I started to see a bunch of kids running and crying, grabbing their heads.  I figured they had just bonked each other or something. I noticed more and more crying and thought, "wow, thats an unusually high volume of upset kids..weird." Then one kid started screaming bloody murder and grabbing his ankle. I guess I happened to be the only adult around that they could see (rude parents leaving their kids to brave the first day alone.. except for all those who have to work of course!) :) so they all came running to me, one right after another screaming. Apparently over the summer a few wasps had moved into the playground and didn't like all those kids swinging and sliding all over their homes! I had to shove a bunch off of those poor kids and those wounds were pretty big. :( We found the playground aid and I would say at least ten kids went to the office with stings! Pretty traumatizing first day for them.

Fortunately none of my kids were victims of the attack and The Boy made it safely to his class room!

Good Job buddy, we are so proud of you!


  1. So I saw this post awhile ago but never commented. Sorry, I go in phases. Sometimes I look at posts but don't have time to comment so I have to come back. But hey, at least I come back!! I can't believe how big he's getting. You live just across town but I never see you and I miss it!! Let's get together sometime. We should go to a movie!!! Are there any good ones out? I love you Ashleigh!!


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