Jan 9, 2011

Christmas break part deux

Christmas came and went so quick. It was nice to be able to just spend some down time with the family after it was all over. My brother, his wife and their kids even came up from utah (I didn''t even get one picture...lame) which was great. They used to own a home in cda and we miss hanging with them when we get into town. The Man has two sisters that still live in our area as well so they were around a lot as well. I got to snap a few cute pics of my little niece. She just turned one and probably weighs 10 pounds! (my kids are huge when they are babies...so you know, compared to that she is a little bird!)

We also got a lot of snow! So the kids, The Man, and me (begrudgingly) bundled up and headed out to hook the sled up to the 4 wheeler and ride around. It was sooooooo cold and the snow was pelting us in the face! We had to wear goggles and scarves to cover everything up! It was a lot of fun though.

We also built some amazing robots out of legos. The Boy did not want to take it apart for the whole trip. It sat on Grandmas fridge watching over us until we left.

We love visiting our family for the holidays and it will be hard for us when we leave. But for now, we are going to enjoy every moment we can while we are here. 

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