Jan 6, 2012

Mother of four

Here I am. I'm still alive! Things have been crazy and super hectic the last few weeks. But what else did I expect?  A new baby can do that to you.

Speaking of baby, here are some pics! 

These technically are old..they were taking at 1 week. Z is 6 weeks already! I can't believe it. But he is still just as cute! (and a whole lot fatter...hee hee)

Becoming a mother of four sure has been a different experience than I thought it would be. 

Its not as hard as I thought: 
My two oldest are in school during the day, so that helps a lot when its just me, Z and baby girl at home. I can still catch a few winks during the day while Z naps and baby girl watches a movie. Also, since they two oldest are...well....older, they help me out a ton and I rely on them a lot. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their new baby brother and are constantly asking to hold him, so that gives me at least a few minutes to pick up something off the floor and put it away. ha ha!
He is such a good baby and hardly ever cries. He sleeps really good through the night and if I could just get myself to bed earlier, that would be a benefit to me!
I think he is going to be like his older bro and be a mellow yellow kind of a guy, which I gladly accept. 

Its waaaaay harder than I thought: 
I know, how can it be both? But it is. 
I think I was really spoiled in the fact that before I had Z, baby girl was 3 and VERY independent and my other two as well. I could do anything I wanted, leave when I wanted. The Man could stay home with the kids and I could go out with friends without anything needing my boobs two hours later. I could sit down at night and craft away, or blog, or whatever else with two hands instead of one...or none. I don't think I realized how much I enjoyed that freedom and independence. Its been a huge adjustment, one that has come with many tears and lots of anxiety. In fact, I just went out yesterday by myself with all FOUR of my babies to get some errands done. I tried soooo hard to be nice, and they tried soooo hard to be good. I still wanted to rip my hair out by the time we were done. It probably didn't help that I kept getting comments from total strangers on how many kids I had. "are they ALL yours!?" " you need to get your tv fixed!" (because we can't find anything better to do than make babies, obvi!) " Your sure do look like you've got your hands full!"   Yes, I do. Thank you and shut up.
(though, the tv comment was kind of funny when I really thought about it later!) :) 
I know in this time, having more than one or two is considered out of the norm, but I wouldn't change the decision we made to bring all of our babies into this world for anything. I have a very strong believe in the importance of families. 

Although its been easy and hard all at once, we are loving every single minute. I can't even really imagine my life now without little Z. He has brought so much joy and reminded me of why I love having babies. :)

Here are his stats from birth until now (birth story to follow this post...hopefully):
weight- 7lbs 1oz
Length: 19.25 inches

10 days:
weight-7lbs 8oz
length- 19.25 inches

1 month:
weight- 10lbs 11 oz
length- 20.25 inches

He is a chubby muffin! 


  1. These are the days my dear, take good care of them as they are precious.
    Mental snapshots for each little moment of joy...
    I have many of my amazing A.
    Love mom

  2. I love reading your blog Ashleigh! You always make me laugh! Your little guy is so cute and getting so big already!

  3. He is so stinkin' cute! Congratulations!!


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