Nov 19, 2011


wow, I never realize how fast time goes by until I check this blog and discover I haven't posted in forever. Its doesn't feel like its been almost a month! Im so sorry. I think things have been quiet on here because my real life has been so crazy. We have been desperately trying to get things in order for this baby to get here. I feel so flustered and out of sorts, like Im forgetting everything I need and keep feeling like I don't know what I'm doing. Which is crazy, since I have done this three times before! :)  

This little guy will be here on Monday (did I mention we are inducing a week early due to The Man's school schedule!? I know...sue me) and I am feeling extremely nervous. I hope everything goes well and there are no complications. That would just be way too much for this busy mamma to handle. 

We have had a lot of fun things happen the past month, school functions, family outings etc. that need to be blogged about but seem to be getting pushed further down the to do list. School for me has piled up and stressed me out beyond my max. I really just want to be done. I don't feel like I can handle it all anymore. But, thats not an option right I trudge through it.  The upside is that The Man is home for thanksgiving break and we get to see him lots and lots (almost too much maybe...ha ha) and thats always a happy thing.

So, for now I leave with great intentions of coming back soon. Hopefully with some cute newborn baby boy pictures and a great birth story to tell. 

The Boy

Little Girl

Baby Girl

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