Oct 31, 2011

Pumpkins and heat don't mix!

My last post was too long anyway, so I guess its good that I totally forgot to post about our pumpkin carving debacle! ha ha.  
I'll just post it now. 

The Man has been super busy studying for school, so usually its just me and the kids when we go to do anything. 

Pumpkin carving this year was no different. 

I was slightly stressing about it, since I knew I would be the one doing most of the gutting and carving. However, while the kids and I were looking for a pumpkin carving kit at walmart, we stumbled across a pumpkin gutting tool. I grabbed it up, hoping it would work as well as it was supposed to. Its basically a thick metal wisk looking thing that you stick into your drill and it digs out the guts for you and thins down the sides down for easier carving. 

Now I am not very familiar with power tools....
at all. 

I normally just use a screw driver and thats usually only to replace the batteries in something. 
So when we got this bad boy home and I went to put it into The Mans power drill...
I was totally lost. 

I had no idea how to get the current drill bit out and put this huge metal bit in! 
It was hilarious, all the kids surrounding me with their input on how not to kill myself. 
I eventually looked it up on google. ha ha! 

Once we got it put together, we all sat around the table anxiously waiting to see what would happen. I cut off the top of one of our pumpkins, stuck the huge metal tool in there and pushed the go button. 
It worked like a charm! Spinning and gutting and thinning..it was so awesome and took half the time it would have (if not more!) than if we had just used spoons! 
We just dumped it all out of the pumpkin straight into the trash.

(Oh yeah, thats sexy...)

We got all of the guts out and each child picked their pattern. The Boy pretty much carved his own..which was a huge help to me, and I carved the other two for the girls. 
We were so excited to stick them out on the porch with our cool black candles we had purchased for inside.

The next morning I went outside to get the paper and noticed something horrible... 
our pumpkins had totally dried up and shriveled! 
They were ruined! 
I couldn't believe it.
 Of course, the temp here was still a scorching 100 degrees, so it makes sense. 
I didn't even think about that! 
In Idaho its cold in October and keeps them refrigerated. ha ha. 
The kids were pretty bummed, but we had fun anyway. 
A good lesson learned for next year. Carve your pumpkins the day of halloween! 


  1. THAT TOOL IS AWESOME! I have never heard of it, but genius!
    Love the pumpkins!

  2. I'll have to look into that drill bit. I think I would be the same way... I don't know anything about tools!


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