Oct 10, 2011

The first thing you do....

Tonight the kids and I were getting ready to have dinner and then carve our pumpkins for family home evening, when I got a text from The Man suggesting we drive into where he attends dental school to grab some dinner with him. This sounded a lot more appealing to me than frozen chicken, green beans and a long night of trying to get every ones pumpkins done on my own, so we loaded up and headed out. 

Right now, where we live is about 25 minutes outside of where The Man actually goes to school. Why did we choose to live waaaaaay out here? Well, the last few weeks I have been asking myself the same question! We really do love it here, but it sure is hard for The Man to commute everyday and for us to see our dad a whole lot less. We might be considering a move further in sometime next year. 

We will see.

Anyway, after The Man showed us around campus and took us to his cool lab where he makes wax teeth, we grabbed some food and spent a few (not enough) precious moments of time with him before he had to go right back to study all night for a huge test coming up tomorrow. 

He has one every tuesday and man are they killers. 
I am amazed that he is still alive. I would have probably died by now from the stress of it all. 
He is incredible!

(so sexy in that Blue Mist....)

it was pretty late by the time the kids and I got on the road to head back home. Both girls fell asleep and The Boy and I got to have some good conversation. 
We always do. 
He is so smart and so sweet. 
Not to mention hilarious! Take for instance this little gem:

The Boy: Mom, I know the very first thing a boy does when he meets a girl he likes and then starts to fall in love with her

Me: Oh yeah? whats that?

The Boy: *insert cat call whistle*

Me: What!? *laughing* I don't know if thats really something you do when you are falling in love with someone per se', but maybe when you see someone who is pretty cute. 
Where did you learn that anyway!?

The Boy: Oh I've know that for a looooong time...

Apparently my 8 year old son has already navigated the socially awkward time of the initial "how do I let a girl know I like her?" and moved comfortably into the "how you doin?" phase.

What ever happened to flowers and chocolates!?

Love, love, love this kid


  1. Grey gives them roses and serenades them. LOL

    This next generation is pretty romantic. ;)

  2. i love s. he is so hilarious!
    glad that you guys were able to visit with The Man..


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