Apr 18, 2012

One more year...

The Man had his 32nd birthday this month. 
I thought I would break out of our usual, lame "stay home and do nothing" celebration routine and actually invite some people over. We had a barbecue with his all time favorite food group:

We have a fun group of friends that we have met here in dental school. Including a family who I like to call our twin family! They have the same amount of kids as us, very close to the same ages. We both had baby boys right about the same time and they have the same religious background as we do. They also decided to become dentists just like us and are first year students as well.
So funny. :)
We also have met a couple who's kids are older and out of the house who decided to change their lives as well and come to dental school. They are both so sweet and funny and we love them.
And we can't forget the friends we have had for FOR-EV-Er (think sandlot)!
The Mans old mission companion and his wife and their kids. I think we have followed each other around the country for the last 8 years. ha ha! Im going to be sad when we move way from each other.

Everyone was so nice to make the looooooong drive out to our house. Im so excited to move in closer to the school in a few months!

One of The Man's favorite kinds of cakes is The All American from Costco. 
Its huge! 
And so rich and chocolatey you only need a few bites. 
It goes perfectly with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream! 

Not too long after this picture was taken I got attacked by this very large tub of Ice Cream. Our friend Preston was scooping for us and my cheap scooper broke mid-scoop and sent the whole thing flying into my leg. 
It was hilarious!

Im glad The Man and his friends were able to take a little bit of a break. School has been pretty crazy these last few weeks and I know they are all stressed. It was nice to sit around and just relax and laugh for a while with people we love. 

His new snazzy Navy hat. 
Have I mentioned we're in the Navy? I don't think I have....
But thats a whole different post. :)

We love our dad so much and think he is the best!
 I can't believe we have spent almost 10 years together. It feels like it has just flown by. We have moved more times that the years we have been married, we've been students pretty much that whole time and we have been through a lot and had many adventures. It has been so fun and all definitely worth it. 

Happy Birthday babe!

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