May 17, 2012

Pinewood derby

Since The Boy is 8 years old he gets to go to scouts and he has loved every minute of it, especially because The Man has been his pack leader for most of the time he has been in. Its a great way for them to have some bonding time. 
This April was The Boys first official Pinewood derby. 
He was really excited. 
He drew out what he wanted his car to look like on the wood block and his dad cut it out the best he could with the limited wood tools we have! 
The Boy sanded and painted it himself and I used my new cameo to cut out some vinyl decals that he put on as well. 
Since The Man has been really busy studying for all his classes, it was pretty much all up to The Boy to get it done and I think he did an awesome job. 

We were kind of blown away when we got to the derby by all the other cars that were seriously cool looking. You could tell that they had probably had a lot more "help" from their dads in their creation. We also overheard a few of them talking about all their secret tips they had found to help them go faster. :) The Boy was pretty worried that his car wouldn't be fast enough. You can see in the pictures that he was biting on his fingers, which is a sign that he is nervous. 

But, he ended up taking first place  in his age group and second place in the whole derby overall! We were so proud of him for his hard work and following the rules, and he was pretty excited too. Im sure it didn't hurt that our car was the "choose the right" one, we must have had a little divine help.  ha ha!

Love this boy.

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