Feb 12, 2008

Ok, that was dumb

well, I got a new template. Yeah! Except for the fact that it deleted everything off of my page and I basically had to start over and add everything back on. Its not going so well. If your name isn't on my list of people I love and it used to be let me know...I'll stick it back on. I can't remember everyones addresses!

If anyone knows how to change your template without it messing everything up let me know. This isn't a Blogspot one, its from somewhere else. Katie, you change yours all the time, whats your secret?

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  1. Hello my dear friend! I think your blog looks fabulous...but I do know how you feel about new templates screwing up the blog. It took me a few times to fix it and get it how I wanted it, BUT the best and easiest way to do it is to go to my blog and click on the link: the blog that saved my blog. It goes step by step, every minute detail! It was really, really nice!! Good luck, but just know that I think your blog looks great!


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