Feb 20, 2008


So we went to the doctor on friday all jazzed and excited about finding out what we're having. 45 minutes later...we still had no idea what this baby is. He/she is breech with his/her bumb down and legs completley crossed! The lady tried everything to get her/him to move, but to no avail! She also couldn't get the correct leg measurements, so we have another ultrasound scheduled in a month. Hopefully we will get to see then, if not, it will just have to be a suprise!! It was a tad dissapointing. The Man was really bumbed. ( hes hoping for another boy, so he REALLY wanted to know!) But here are some really cute pictures of whatever this baby is to keep us all entertained until the 13th of

This is His/Her spine and head

Here are some arms and hands....( in the one on the right he/she is sheilding his/her face..this baby is really shy!!)

Four chambers of the heart..

So there ya go! I will definitely keep you all up to date.

Oh I had a question for anyone out there reading this. My friend told me that she had some lady tell her that you can always tell what you will be having by taking the age you are, the month you concieved and adding them together. If its an odd number its a boy, an even one its a girl. This formula has proven true for the two I already have. I was 19 when I conceived The Boy and it was in December. So thats 19 plus 12..that makes 31. An odd number. With Little Girl I was 22 and conceived in April, so 22 plus 4..26. An even number. Weird huh? All the people I have asked so far say its the same for them.

So everyone think about your children and let me know! If this is right, I wil be having a girl...but we shall see!


  1. Oh Smashly! What a bummer. I can't believe its already time for you to find out! I still have forever to go it feels like. Be sure to let us know when you can find out though!

  2. That formula worked for me and my sister!!! Of course, I would have told you that I knew all along that I would have girls! ;)

  3. So..I don't think it works for me!! Livi was conceived in March (3rd month) and I was 21=24, BUT with Spencer conceived in August (8th month) and I was 24=32..hmm, half and half. I have tried a chinese lunar calendar..see how that works: http://www.holodeck.com/pregnancy/chinese-cal.html

  4. BTW, very cute ultrasound pictures!! Thank you for sharing!

  5. HEY! Soo, I found a TON of people from the 69th ward...the Sloans found me and then I found a bunch from there, including the Hamms!

  6. Hmm, with Briar I was 30 and she was conceived in Nov (41), with Avery I was 32 and she was conceived in July (39), this baby was conceived in June when I was 34, so I guess that one works, or by the way I respond to the formula there really is a wee, tiny penis on this poor baby we are referring to as a girl.

    Bee-yoo-tee-ful spine, regardless of gender!

  7. I loved those little peeks inside with my kids. All my babies were 'even numbers,' which proves the theory for my girls, not so much for my boy.

  8. Hey Browns! How's it going! I found your blog on the Kirkhams and was so excited. Congrats on the pregnancy! We have three now. We had a little boy five months ago! Keep in touch!

  9. Ashleigh...when I add together my age and the month conceived it is odd...for both of my girls. Well, Isabelle is questionable. Hard to say when we conceived. But I still think it is odd. So I would have to say NO. But I used a chinese calendar that worked both times. Here's the one I used...


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