Mar 2, 2008

Happy are now a " Freegan"

Its that time of year again. The one that most women dread, though it comes inevitably, reminding us of our fragileness as humans, our unavoidable trip to the end. Another year older, its birthday time!

I can't really complain about being another year older. I am only 25, I don't feel THAT old. However, when I compare my responsibilities to that of a lot of my other 25 year old friends,(or people I don't even know who happen to be this age) it makes me realize that I really am kind of old. At least I live an older, more mature lifestyle. ( I know your laughing..quit it.)

Anyway, enough of my ramblings on, I have funnier topics to explore!

So Friday night my very good friend Kim threw me a birthday party. It was great. All my closest girls were there. We laughed, we ate cake, we opened presents and we went dumpster diving.

WHAT? I know you thought it. What an odd addition to traditional party activities. However, before you judge, let me explain.

Does that sum it up for you? No?
well here:

( Press pause on my player at the bottom of the page before you start!)

My friend had mentioned seeing an episode of Oprah discussing " freeganism." At first the idea of rooting around in the trash was weird..and then a little funny..and then kind of cool. She told us that she had gone earlier in the week and had found a ton of cool stuff, so we decided to try it out for ourselves! ( can you imagine where this is headed?)

We took off and hit a ton of spots, but unfortunately we discovered it was garbage day and we had missed all the goods! We did find in one dumpster behind the hostess store, about eight gallons of milk, ( that didn't expire until march 10th!) about 5 or six little bottles of milk, and a ton of bread and haogie rolls. Some of the bread was uneatable, judging by the numerous green patches, but a couple were still good. One of the girls got a new hula hoop and a bunch of others found a whole stash of very large bakery trays that they they are just sure they can find something to do with. Maybe a cute crafty idea will come to one of us!
Although we didn't find much, it was about the funest, funniest thing I have done in a very long while and we had the best time. I wish I had taken pictures! ( someday I'll get that awesome digital camera I've been dreaming of..)

Im not sure if " Freegansim" is a philosophy that I will completely adopt anytime in the near future. The thought of eating food out of the trash is a bit disturbing. But I do see the meaning behind it and understand the need for less waste in our lives. I do believe that perhaps I could talk my husband into a midnight run to Big Lots or the mall. There has to be something good in those dumpsters! furniture? Clothes? Who knows? Thats the best part, its always a surpise!

So thanks Gals for a great, eye opening birthday. Its one I wont soon forget! ;-)


  1. Hmm, not sure I can totally get on board with that. I did love the idea of moving to the City and being able to find amazing sofas on curbs, but I don't think that ever really happens.

    By the way, about the odd lower back/tailboneish pain. Not sure if you have ever done acupuncture, but it works. I did it with my other pregnancies, and now after the Sunday experience I am going back. Hope yours gets better too!

  2. I am LOVING the idea, but I probably will NEVER do it..unless, I get some really crazy urge or some funky friends! Guess we'll have to move a little closer...?

  3. Ashleigh! How is it that we have been friends forever but we have not been facebook friends OR blogging buddies? Sad......

    Well I spent a good portion of the wee late hours of last night viewing your feisty blog entries and I must say you are such an entertaining writer. And my hero. And hot. With adorable kids. Need I say more?

  4. Hey, I saw that Oprah episode about Freeganism. So weird. I guess it is for some people but I just don't think I could bring myself to go dumpster diving just to save money. Not that the saving money and not wasting isn't worth it but I am such a germaphobe!


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