Mar 27, 2008

And one month later...

I don't know why, but I needed a blog break. I am not a great writer..nor do I have a flare for turning mundane life experiences into highly entertaining material. So you had to wait until something truly interesting came along before I felt like sharing! Actually, I have known this bit of information I am about to relay since the 13Th of this month, but I was waiting for the picture to go along with it. I recently found out though ( like two minutes ago...) that ultrasound pictures do not scan well. So here is the news without the cool picture....

We are having another girl!

YEAH!!!! I am actually quite excited about this. I have about 6 boxes of little girl clothes out there in the garage that I now can keep without the guilty conscience of knowing I am driving my " throw everything we don't need or use away!" husband crazy. Plus, if we were to have a boy I would have to go out and spend insane amounts of money on clothes and other things for little tiny boys that we don't have. So its a win-win for us all.

In other news, my back is now on the top of the list of my mortal enemies. I can't even walk without stabbing pain shooting up the lower half of it. You can forget bending over too, I just use my toes to pick everything up. ;-) Hopefully I will be able to get to the chiropractor (or to a tranquilizer gun) soon. If this keeps up much longer I will have to assign myself to bed rest and let The Man take care of me. Maybe that wouldn't be so bad....


  1. YAY ASHLEIGH!!! Lil girl lil girl..... and lucky for you more drama eh? Ah, they're worth it. Their cuteness redeems them. ;) Go team Brown! Congrats my friend. (P.S. I'm excited about the bag of boy clothes. No wonder you can give it away now.)

  2. So, I totally just wrote on your other blog, then realized I had to go here...Congrats on your girl!!!! Gus said that it was fun seeing you and your kiddos are getting big!! (in case you don't read your other blog, Katie K found me, then I found yours!!)

  3. Awww! Congratulations! A baby girl! How wonderful. And, about the back. I feel for you! It's got to be the worst pain ever, right? Hope you feel better soon.


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