Apr 16, 2008

The kick sheet

So we are now into the home stretch. Two and a half more months. I can't wait. I know I have yet to post a picture of me and my oh-so-not-cute belly. It will come as soon as I get the guts...but don't hold your breath! ;-)

I had a doctors appointment last week, you know the one where you have to drink the really nasty glucose crap in less than ten minutes without puking or passing out. Fortunately I did neither and I made it to the office in relatively good condition. They poked me in the finger, gave me a shot ( rogam..I am O negative and my husband is a positive) and basically made me as uncomfortable as possible! I was starting to consider moving to BFE where there are no doctors when they told me I was done. Thank goodness! Well almost done..one more thing...

"We have this sheet we want you to take home. You have to take an hour out of each day, find a quiet spot and lay there counting kicks from the baby until you get to ten. If you don't get them in an hour, eat some food, drink some water and lay there for another hour until you get to ten. If you never get there..go to the emergency room. Ok? Have a great day!"

Hello? What? Ok, I understand the importance of making sure this baby is still moving around and alive in there, but an hour..of "quiet time"..everyday..and I have to write it down and bring it with me every time I come back? Do I not have two other children, who are loud and demand my attention every second of every day? Come on now, lets be realistic!

Well, I might be exaggerating the demand on my time a tad bit, I am sure once the kids are in bed I can find the time to lay around. The only problem there is I fall asleep in the blink of an eye if I sit or lay ANYWHERE!! And I suppose its a good thing that I don't have a tiny, docile infant lounging around in there, she's more like a full sized acrobat! I don't have to lay long before I get about a million kicks. So, really its not that bad. ;-) I actually love to feel her moving around and stretching out. Thats always the thing I miss the most after pregnancy, it just feels so empty in there. I will just have to look at this as bonding time between me and her , a time that no one else can really feel or be a part of. I try to get The Man's attention in time, but she's tricky and somehow knows when he's there. As soon as his hand is on my belly, she is as quiet and still as a mouse! ;-) poor guy..he starting to wonder if I really am pregnant, or just really packing on the fat!!


  1. Ok, I have to laugh at your posts..you crack me up! Yet, you are so true-to-life that I guess I am laughing because otherwise I would cry! J/K. Anyway, we aren't in a home. that is just a glorified 1150sqft. apartment, but it is the biggest one we have lived in thus far! Yeah, I'll let you know in 3 years what it feels like for me to be in a home.

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