Jul 10, 2008

The best weight loss program ever!

So in the last two weeks I have lost 25 lbs!! Granted 7 of that was lyla..and I was told at least seven of that was water I had retained ( hee hee) but still, Im feelin pretty good. Other than the fact that I have the flu and strep throat. yeah..it sucks. I am trying so hard not to spread it around, but how can I not love on my babies and I have to hold and feed the infant girl! So I just try and hold my breath. ;-)

In other news my mommy came down for a week and took care of me. I love that lady. She is the best. She cleaned my whole house, did all of my laundry ( if she did nothing else but that the whole week, I still would have been in heaven. Laundry..the bane of my existance..) and cooked me food. I was basically waited on hand and foot and I am feeling a little spoiled. Thanks to her I got caught up on my sleep and my children were loved and looked after. Thanks mom, I miss you!

And The Man has been great as well. He loves this little girl and stays up with me in the night. He rocks her when I need break and yesterday he cleaned up the table after dinner and did the dishes. I almost fainted! He is the best and I love him!

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