Jul 24, 2008

Dial up..remember that?

So here I am in CoeurdAlene, living with The Mans parents and dying because their computer is a dinosaur! ;-) They have dail up and at 5 minutes per page load..it tends to drive one crazy. Needless to say I have not been blogging. Only essential things are checked..basically email and beyond that I don't have the patients!

So now I am at my parents house ( both sets of in-laws live in the same town..fun yet frustrating) and now I have a minute, and a faster connection, to blog about the happenings of the last week.

Nothing has been going on. I swear! Its like time has stood still. I feel like this week was from the twilight zone. It just drug on with us doing nothing but hanging around missing The Man. He did not come with us. He satyed behind to finish working for the last month before school starts. It really sucks. I hate being away from him and now with a brand new baby making it three kids, I am having a hard time. Don't get me wrong, his parents are great and extemely helpful, but it just isn't the same as having us all together. The kids really miss him to. Little girl cries for him every night at bedtime and The Boy askes every day how long it is until dad gets here. It can get a little depressing. And I miss my friends!! Its hard to go from a social life to a hermits life! ;-)

But enough of that. We are actually doing good. Infant girl is getting bigger and bigger and chunkier every day and is getting on somewhat of a night schedual. I go to bed at 10:00 every night, which I NEVER did before, so I am getting adequet sleep. And its nice to be close to family again. There is a fun little water park here we go to ( Little girl has yet to actually get wet..other than her toe..) and all in all we are adjusting. We can't wait to get on with school and into our own place and back to gether as a family.

Hopefully I can get on here a little more often and keep you all up to date. I miss all of you!


  1. YOU ARE ALIVE!! I've missed you, but I completely understand both the stone age of computers and being busy! So, are you selling your home? I don't know any of your plans...to bad we aren't ready to move to the big "B" or else we would buy it from you guys ;)

  2. Yahoo! You made it. You're like my hero with the whole three kids with no husband for a while thing. I totally understand the family thing. Reed and my parents are 20 minutes apart and in the same stake. They're good about things but its still annoying as all get out sometimes. Good luck!

  3. I love hearing from you. I am sorry you miss me so much...but I miss you just as much. Nate is so funny!! We are really going to put him to work as soon as he gets here. Don't you worry!! I miss you like crazy and I am a hermit too so don't be too sad ... I have a cell that is Verizon and a cell that At&t. Call me.

  4. hey ash, it's jace. i just found your blog. i don't know if you remember me from North ogden jr. and weber high. i was just thinking about you the other day and then a thing from classmates.com popped up and there you were. crazy. how have you been? my blog is hurst03.blogspot.com

  5. we haven't been up to much. just got married 5 years ago and have two awesome kids. well three including my precious puppy. i just stay at home with my babies. how about you? congrats on the new little baby. she is a doll. make sure you leave your email on my blog soon cause i am changing to private. i am so happy to have found you. i have always wondered what happened to my great friend.


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