Jul 13, 2008


So its is Strep A. Man, I knew it had to be something. This is the worst sore throat I have ever had. It feels like I have two huge cotton balls stuffed in the back of my throat, cutting off my air supply! That along with not being able to swallow my own spit without crying..let alone any food, have made it a crappy last week. I went to the doctor finally and got on my poison, I mean penicillin, so now its feeling a whole lot better. Its now more like a normal really bad sore throat as opposed to wanting to rip out my entire neck.

On a different note, we are moving, in about two days. Oh my goodness I want to scream. I haven't even started packing. The Man's parents are here to help us, bless their hearts, so I am not going completely insane. But close.

My husband does this to me every time. When The Boy was 10 days old we moved. When Little girl was four months..we moved. And now that Baby Girl is two weeks old...we're moving. Its like a curse. If we decide to have a fourth ( start the hair ripping now..) it will probably be about the time he is done with his pre-req's and we will have to move again to dental school somewhere in this vast country. So we will move again with an infant. That's just our life I guess. ;-)
I am actually very excited to go this time. We will be closer to family, its a little town not a big city and we have lived there before so I know all about it. Not to mention that I was born there and the doctor who delivered me is also the pediatrician my children will be going to. Pretty cool huh? And yes, he remembers me and my parents. Its the small excitements in life that keep us going, right? ;-)

So folks, if you don't hear from me for a while, fear not, I will be back soon. Hopefully with lots of funny moving stories that I can look back on fondly and laugh about. Um..yeah..right.


  1. I feel you!! We moved when spencer was brand spankin' new and it is CRAZY! It's nice that they are so new and mostly sleep, but it's US (the new moms, the women) that have the hardest time adjusting. I am glad that you're moving closer to family, that helps SO MUCH! So, what town are you moving to?

  2. Oh no! You are leaving us! I bet you will be relieved when all of it is finally over. You are super mom. So are you renting out the Caldwell Pad then?

  3. Hey Ashley- Just wanted to tell you that you and your fam will be missed, Maddie teared up when I told her that Seth would be moving. We'll miss you tons.

  4. OK... what is going on Now???? Blog Already Lady bug!!! I need to know what is Happening!!


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