Jan 8, 2010

Annie get yer gun

Aha! I wasn't a total picture loser...I came across this one as I guiltily checked my camera for even one smidgen of a remembrance of our Christmas trip. Technically The Man took the pictures, but I will take the credit because they are so funny!

The dress is from Wal-mart--an after Halloween clearance costume. I think its from High school Musical or something like that...we've never seen the movie but it was 3 bucks, so I couldn't pass it up. The pink pistol was something she had been begging her dad for for a long time, "I want a PINK gun daddy...a PINK one, ok?!" Funny girl! Of course, since she is only 3 she doesn't get a REAL gun, just a plastic one, but she was thrilled nonetheless when Santa brought it for her. "Oh, its just what I wanted, a PINK gun! Haa ha ha ha..I'm so happy!" 


She put on the dress and the gun holster and at first I thought it was sooo funny and totally cute! But the more I looked at her, the more the whole scenario reminded me of a saloon girl from the wild west and I am not sure if that set right with me...

What do you think? I would hate to give her a complex....... :)

( I love how the gun gleams in the sunlight...don't mess with me and my six shooter, partner!)

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  1. I think she is cute! And completely covered under that dress. But you are right she hints at a saloon girl. It but I think it is the thing in her hair. Miss you guys! Hows school?


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