Jan 13, 2010

Anyone can build...

Remember on Ratatouille how Chef Gusteau believed that anyone could cook? Well, I just came across a website from an amazing woman who believes that anyone can build...furniture!

Have you seen a piece from Pottery Barn you just had to have, but didn't have the cash to fork out to buy it? Well this lady probably has the plans for you to be able to build a knock off version that looks amazing, for an amazing price! She gives you a break down of materials, tools and price, plus detailed plans with pictures and step by step instructions.

I have been thinking about re-doing furniture lately. You know, finding something ugly and turning it into a masterpiece? I have a friend who has an incredible eye for such things and has decorated her house beautifully high end, on a low end budget. Check it out...

And after my thoughts of re-doing came the thoughts of building from scratch. How awesome would it be to be able to say..."Yeah, I built that myself...without The Mans help!" Um, it would be incredible!

So go to Knock Off Wood, browse around, fall in love and get started building something!

                   (Cameron storage wall and wide media base, from Pottery Barn...LOVE it!)

                   (Plans for Cameron storage wall and wide media base from Knock-off Wood!)

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  1. That is so cool! I'm glad that other people can take the time to make the plans and we get to benefit from them ;) Good Luck!


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