May 13, 2010


The Man just found out today that he scored in the 96th percentile on his Organic Chemistry final! Woohoo! Also, he pulled of A's in both Organic Chemistry and physiology (both seriously hard classes that I do not envy that he had to take!)

 A-mazing! This puts his overall science GPA at at least a 3.8 if not higher, which is incredibly competitive for getting into an awesome dental school!

Good job babe, I am so proud of you! Huge victories like this sure make the sacrifices we made all worth it. You are the smartest, most driven man I have ever known! Doing all that while continuing to be an amazing father and husband is an even bigger accomplishment. You continue to inspire me every day!

Now, on to the biggest mother of a test ever! He takes the DAT at the end of June, and we cannot wait until its over! :)

No rest for the handsome weary. :)


  1. thats awesome!!


    Overthinking Mama

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