May 18, 2010

Dance like no one is watching

I was putting away some laundry in the kids room today (yes, all three of them share one room..ah the joys of apartment living and wait lists..) and I called Little Girl to come and get ready for school. She happily bounded up the stairs, singing a little song to herself. As she walked into the bedroom her feet suddenly started to dance. She twirled around and around with her hands over her head, darting back and forth, skipping, shaking, smiling and giggling. "Mom" she said in between pirouettes, blonde hair flying in her self made breeze, "today is a wonderful day to dance..."

I smiled to myself, watching her impromptu recital, wishing she could always stay this small and full of joy. It is she that reminds me of the best things in life, to see the happiness in all things and to every now and then, stop and dance to your own music.

Every day is a wonderful day to dance....


  1. Wow! she has gotten so big. What a cutie. I miss you a ton!

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  3. Oh she's SO precious! What wisdom these little soul holds. I wish we all could stay that innocent and full of joy.


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