Jan 17, 2007

I love Angela Stone!!!

OK, well, my last post sounded kind of mean and Im sorry if I offended anyone!!! I didn't mean to!!! and this post is for Angela!!!

Today was The Boy's first official day of Preschool!! It was so fun to see him walk in there with his new outfit and cute little back pack!! and guess what? did I have any film to take a picture!! of course not!! I am such a prepared mom!! not!!! I really hope he does good..because when we went in for the "trial" day, he got in fight with another little boy!! it was soooo sad!! i almost cried! This just goes to prove my point about how he has been acting..or how I've been acting toward him, which is making him act that way!! Its hard to tell him..don't hit anyone..but if they hit you its ok to defend yourself!! ya right!! like he knows what that means!!! So we had a nice long talk today and hopefully there wont be anymore incidences!!!

So its just me and Eden at home today..kind of quiet! And my house is calling..but I am ignoring it! Although, The Man and I had a big long grown up disscussion about my house work abilities..he seems to be a little frustrated with me! So what if i haven't put my laundry all the way "away" for like a month..at least its clean right?!! =-)
No, I see what he's saying. I do need to work harder..we just bought a house..we want it to be nice! so..I better go and see all the things I need to do to make it that way, and maybe actually DO them!! =-)


  1. I'm Angela Stone! Ash, I can't believe you would think I'd be offended but honestly I love you and seeing this posting today brightened my crappy day! The boys clothes just got put away completely for the first time in a month, exactly, at least they were clean! Good luck with your clothes, and household duties...its hard!


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