Jan 15, 2007

I'm not very good at this!

So, according to some people, I do not update my blog frequently enough! Well, all I have to say is " does it not feel like you are basically having a one sided conversation with yourself?! " Not when Im told I dont blog enough, but when I actually do the blogging. I mean, what if no one is really reading this and I am just talking to myself? That would be really sad and pathetic!! So, I haven't really posted in fear of being a total geek!!
Actually, the reality is I just haven't been interested in doing it! And, I haven't had the time.

Fist of all, my whole family got that stomach flu that has been going around! The Man, then The Boy and then me, and I think Little Girl got it too! She puked all over me in the middle of Charolettes Web..in the theater.. yes it was sick! Though, I actually had it twice!! Stomach pain so bad you can hardly stand it! puking up anything, everything and nothing at the same time!! and other things I won't mention..but are just as gross!! We just barely got over it!!

Second, my family was just in town and so I was entertaining them!! Seven people in one house is a lot!! And as soon as they got home..they were sick too! Right after they left is when I got it the second time! Thanks a lot guys!! =-)

Third, The Man went out of town this weekend and I was home alone with the two spawns of sa.....I mean the two beautiful, loving sweet babies of mine!! =-) J/k!! They did great! I on the other hand seem to have difficulty dealing with two kids and the stress by myself, with no one to give me a break!! I really don't know how single parents do it!!

So, needless to say, my little family blog has been sent down the list of priorities to close to the bottom!! But today I have a little time...(while my children run, scream, jump and cry all around me) to update every one who I KNOW reads this!! I hope you are happy!! =-) Love you guys!


  1. Seriously I understand thatI don't matter much to you any more and I totally go through times when I hardly post at all but I love even two sentances of something dumb and dull that happened during your day. Consider it your email to me and I'll blog to email you and then we'll be keeping in touch...or not.

  2. Sorry you guys were so sick. Christian's had tonsilitus and a fever. It's so sad because of how lethargic he looks. My poor son always has tons of problems.


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