Jan 5, 2007

Its a new year, and resolutions suck!

I was just thinking about it already being 2007. I can't believe it!! I remember in elementary school being excited to write 1994 on the tops of all my papers and trying so hard to remember that it wasn't 1993 any more!! weird!
Anyway, resolutions...Im not so sure about these things! Who thought of spending the fisrt day of the new year deciding to make a goal that you are supposed to stick to for the whole next year..or for the rest of your life!!? Whoever did, was a retard! Not to say that I can't stick to the goals I make, because I can! I stick to it when I decide to finish off the last of the Ice Cream, or make sure the chocolate cake gets eaten and none goes to waste!! Those are pretty important ones too, let me tell ya!
Ok, who am I kidding!! Those arent really goals..just fat inducers. When it comes to real life changing...um..changes, I am no good! I try, sure, but then it gets hard, yada yada..and boom! I fall off the wagon!
So needless to say, this year Im not really making any resolutions...I might sound like a big pansy..but who cares!!
I do want to loose weight, who doesn't? So, I'll be working on that (and a few other things to) But if you ask me, "Ashleigh, what is your news years resolution?" I will either give you a dirty look and the silent treatment....or tell you that this year my resolution was to give every single person who asks me that question a nice big wedgie!!! Your choice!!
Ha Ha!


  1. Hey Ash, what's our New Year's resolution?

  2. Amen Sista! If you happen a glance at Marla's blog, the link is on my page, her last entry of 2006 talked about her feelings on the subject of resolutions too. I mean seriously, are we really doing to set goals that we'll actually follow through on in the dead of winter when we're light deprived and depressed...I think not!

  3. resolutions suck but so does the frequency with which you post to your blog....


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