Jan 15, 2007

Im a bad mom!!!! Actually..just a continually learning one!!

So two bloggs in one day!! Can't say I don't update enough now!! Actually I just posted this same blog on my My Space page... so I thought I would post it here as well! So here it is!!
Our house is still amazing! Though somewhat of a heat sucker! It always seems cold, and we just got our first real gas bill..and let me tell you , I almost had a heart attack!! I couldn't believe it, it was soooo much! So we have decided to just wear more sweaters and pile on the blankets cuz we gotsta turn that heater down!!!! I think the surrealness of home ownership is out the door and reality is settling in, darn!!
My baby girl is going to be one on the 31st and I cannot believe how FAST time has gone. With my son it seemed like it took forever for him to reach this age..but not with her! I just want it to slow down ya know? pretty soon she'll be walking and talking and hating me!! ha ha! maybe not hating me, but the walking and talking part still makes me sad! and happy all at the same time! I'll tell you what, being a mom sure is a jumble of emotions, strong ones too! I really don't know how we do it!! To all you other moms out there reading this...I commend you!! And all those non-moms...just you wait!! =-)

On a more personal note...I have been wondering lately why my son has been so, well, bratty! I know thats a terrible thing to say, but there is really no other word to best describe it. He yells and talks back and does whatever the heck he wants to with no regard for anything The Man or I say to him. Well, maybe its not that bad...its not all the time, but a lot! I have been contemplating why the sudden change in his behavior. I mean, he is usually a very sweet, obedediant kid, as much as a three year old can be anyway! I have come up with many theories....one, we have moved four times in the last year! Thats hard on a little guy, especially when he had just made some new friends! Two, he just moved from the nursery ( in our church its for the babies 18 months to 3 years old, they basically jusy get to play with toys and have fun!) to sunbeams. No more running around and playing, now he has to sit still and listen to the teacher. I think this has been very hard for him to get used to! In fact he was put in time out in his class this last week because he wouldn't sit still and stop running around!!! Three, ( and this one is the suckiest one of all!!) I was thinking about how I treated him. I mean, how do I handle stressfull situations with him and my daughter? much to my chagrine I realized I do exactly what he does....I yell, talk mean, freak out..ya basically Im a brat! no wonder my child is acting this way..he learned it from me!! I have no excuses..I can't say, well I'm tired or stressed or basically incompetent to be a mother. There is no excuse for the way I handle things. How old am I? Who is the parent? I know how I felt every time we moved, or had to do something that was uncomfortable and new...and my mother hardly, if ever..raised her voice to us..and I can count on one hand...not even needing all the fingers..how many times she spanked me!
So after all of this thinking and realization I have decided to freakin lighten up and go easy on the poor kid! Like I said he is three! I cant expect so much from him that its absolutely rediculous! And I need to find better ways to communicate with and discipline him! I tried sooooo hard today to talk softly and kindly, and to not yell or get angry. I think it was the hardest and most stressfull day to date!! But I feel so much better about the whole thing!! My son was in a way better mood, and although we still had a few rough moments..all in all it was also the best day we've had in a while! The Man even commented on how better my son was acting..so that means we definitely did something right!!
Ok, so I know this went on forever!!! I really didn't mean for it to! I just needed to vent!! I appreciate all the comments I get on these bloggs you guys!! Its nice to know you have people out there who care about you! I love you guys!!!


  1. Isn't it sad/wonderful how much our attitudes affect our kids? I've had to remind myself of that about Ty more than a half dozen times I'm sure. Oh and the reminding myself that he's not an adult and isn't supposed to act like an adult and should get to act like a kid and not grow up too fast. Yeah it is so hard being a mom, I have a ton of respect for people that do it alone because without someone to help reenergize you it is killer. With Tyler we realized fast that he said no because that is all we said to him so we have always said not a good decision and really try to tell him when he is making a good decision. I mean does that make sense, obviously they have their places for both but yeah. I'm rambling and it is not even my blog and is faithfull spelled with one L or two a the end? I think I spelled it wrong on my blog and I forgot to ask someone so I'm asking you because I'm thinking about it and now I'm rambling simply to ramble and see if you have noticed how long this sentence is getting, did you notice? Bye!

  2. We're not friends...I knew it...you hate me....

  3. Ok so seriously, dude, I wasn't offended or stressed or anything...don't even worry...no hard feelings...my sense of sarcasm works really well too....thanks though for thinking and making sure I wasn't upset...


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