Oct 29, 2008

faux food

So for a while now I have been super intrigued by an amazing craft idea that Im not sure too many people have seen or heard of. 

Its felt food.

Its really actually pretty incredible what can be done with felt and velcro. I was thinking of making some little sets for my kids and possibly selling them on my site. If I ever get it up and running! 
I was looking around today at a few sites that sold felt foods, to get some ideas, and I came across this one.  Its completely in chinese..or Japanese, Im not sure. But the woman is a total master. I couldn't believe some of the stuff she has come up with. The whole time I was looking around I was freaking out. It was pretty funny. The Man probably thinks I am insane.

" Thats great Ash, fake food...cool..." * eyes roll*

Anyway, you should all check it out. Especially you tatiana, you were wanting to make some too. And I totally love your idea of having a homemade Christmas. That sounds like so much fun. And a lot more true to the season. My kids have just started asking for things and saying, " I wish I had all of that!" We don't have a T.V, so they aren't too bad with it yet. But we do teach them to be grateful for what they do have!

If you guys come across any more ideas, maybe in english, or any cool books, let me know!!


  1. Go look on etsy there are TONS of cool felt play food.

  2. I love the fruit platter that person made! So cute!


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